Saturday, April 14, 2007

SDMS Version 4.2 released (14 April 2007)

Already SDMS is up to version 4.2.02 (not just 4.2) after two daily updates since first release last Thursday.

The updates include a number of minor "tweaks" and (see accompanying image) an action button added to the three Alerts views to enable otherwise "dead" scheduled mail to be processed.

(Click to view a larger image)

SDMS Version 4.2.02 is now available, and can be downloaded from either or

The reason for having this button is discussed in the built-in Help Using This Database (which gives a brief SDMS tutorial).

Be sure to find out about the new NotesTracker Version 5.0 capabilities now available in this version of SDMS.

The NotesTracker Guide is downloadable from either or

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