Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tracking of Rich Text fields

As a deliberate design decision, NotesTracker does not track changes to the full contents of a Rich Text (RT) field, but only the changes to the "plain text" component of each RT field. This was done to minimize the size of the Usage Log (the NotesTracker Repository database).

If the entire contents of each and every RT field in the document were to be logged, this could generate some inordinately large Usage Log documents, since it would be necessary to store the Before and After values for each and every file attachment and embedded object in the field (which in some cases would amount to many MB per Usage Log document).

It was considered that for most usage tracking purposes, it would be sufficient to track only the changes to the "plain text" part of the RT fields. If this is not adequate for a particular databse, then some code changes would be needed (particularly in the "UsageTracker_FieldsAfterUpdate" subroutine).