Friday, February 16, 2007

SDMS Version 4.1 beta now available

A test version "SDMS version 4.1 Beta #4" is now available for download.

Get your copy from the download page here or here (go to the middle of the page for the download links and password).

Be sure to read the Help About and the Help Using documents before using the new features, which include:

  • Readers field security to control who can read sets of documents

  • Sets of documents, once approved for publication, can be set to display within a given date range (which can be in the future)

    (Click to view a larger image)

  • The refresh interval of the Breaking News view can be specified from 5 seconds to 2 hours (previously was fixed at 60 seconds).

  • The header fields can be collapsed to free up screen "real estate"