Tuesday, June 12, 2007

NotesTracker Version 5.1.04 released (12 June 2007)

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Visit either notestracker.com or asiapac.com.au download NotesTracker version 5.1.04 evaluation or licensed editions, released today 12th June, 2007.

And don't forget to retrieve the updated NotesTracker Guide (find it at the bottom of the download page), because it has been updated to include the new features and several paragraphs added to better explain more clearly how deleted documents are tracked.

As shown in the image above, in the "General Tracking Controls" tab of the NotesTracker Configuration Document for each database being tracked you can now specify user(s) that you do not wish to track. For example, a database auditor might wish to be excluded so that his/her activities are not included in order not to distort usage metrics.

Just underneath that, as introduced in NotesTracker version 5.0, you can also specify the names of particular users that you do wish to track (which overrides the NotesTracker default of tracking all users of the database).

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Ignoring of database users (the first list of names) has precedence over explicitly-tracked users (the second list of names. If you happen to have the same user name in both lists, as circled in red just above, then that particular won't be tracked.

Together with the flexible alerting controls (see image below) that were introduced in NotesTracker Version 5.0, you now have an extremely wide range of options for configuring usage tracking in each database.

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And the options are all very easy for you to set up.

With NotesTracker, you definitely don't have to be a technical specialist to monitor and administer your application database usage!