Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CAPTURE Version 2.1.04 released (29th January 2008)

CAPTURE version 2.1.04 is now available for download from either http://asiapac.com.au/CAPTURE_Download.htm (or its mirror at http://notestracker.com/CAPTURE_Download.htm ). From the same page, you now can download the built-in "Help Using This Database" document as a separate PDF, if this is more convenient for you to read.

This version contains fixes for minor bugs, as well as several small but useful feature enhancements.

CAPTURE stands for "Customer And Project Tracking with Usage Reporting Extensions" and is a completely free Lotus Notes CRM application -- with Asia/Pacific Computer Services' NotesTracker incorporated so that you can track and audit usage of the documents in a CAPTURE database.

Having NotesTracker capabilities built in is a unique feature, possibly not found in any other CRM application. For example, you can see who updated the sales forecast figure for your customer Acme Widgets, and when they did it, or who deleted a Contact from the database. Or you can keep open the RSS-style "Breaking News" view so as to see database actions appear automatically as soon as they occur (in the case of events on remote Domino servers, as soon as then next replication cycle occurs for the database).

You can purchase the NotesTracker toolkit to add powerful features activity tracking and compliance management to the design of your own IBM Lotus Notes/Domino database applications