Sunday, July 02, 2006

Who's been accessing my Lotus Notes mail?

I do not hide the fact that I use a Web site tracking service (or two) to see what sort of visits there are to and its mirror I do this so as to better understand the site's traffic pattern and why people are visiting, thereby to be able to improve the site. This is menioned under "Site Visit Metering" on on the Policy and Disclaimers page. (Every Web site should have this sort of page, but it's a sad fact that most don't!)

Anyhow, yesterday (2nd July, 2006) there was one site visitor who had performed a Google search and arrived at my site. The search words were: "lotus notes suspect a colleague is accessing my email proof" -- you can click on the following link to see the results if you like:

My point in bringing this up is that NotesTracker is quite capable of monitoring all activity in your Notes Mail, suspicious or otherwise. Indeed, one customer purchased NotesTracker just to do this.

A few relatively simple changes to the design of the Mail Template are all that's needed. Then you have comprehensive tracking and auditing of mail Memo creation, deletion, updating, reading -- by anybody and everybody (not just the Mail database's owner): see here or here.

You will see if any unexpected person(s) accessed you mail file, which particular Memo document(s) they accessed, the date and time plus for how many seconds they had the Memo open, whether or not they attempted to delete any Memo or make any updates, and more.

This is "par for the course" as far as NotesTracker is concerned. NotesTracker can do this for any Notes database (if you have access to its design, that is). But NotesTracker certainly does seem to have what's needed for detailed Notes Mail auditing and compliance, wouldn't you agree?