Thursday, October 08, 2009

SDMS Version 4.5.00 for Lotus Notes/Domino released

SDMS is a very popular free “simple document management system” for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino:


SDMS incorporates our NotesTracker capability, which enables comprehensive tracking of database activities for usage details (document creates, reads, updates, deletes, pastes, mail-ins, view or database opens, etc) and for monitoring database compliance (who did what, when, and where).

See our home page or for the download link to the current production version 4.5.00 of SDMS.

The e-mail merge feature was enhanced, as requested by a user of SDMS, now allowing any of the user's mail views and folders to be selected as the source of mail messages to be merged:


Previously, just the Inbox was available for selecting memos. This view shows a merged mail memo:


Also added was an agent to import SDMS documents from a different SDMS database into the current one (very useful, for example, when upgrading to a newer SDMS version).

You can better tailor the SDMS page header area, by specifying your own database logo image together with your website URL or your e-mail contact address.

Notes client header, showing user-specified logo (and logo description) plus website link:


Web browser header, showing that (if you like) for the Web environment you can set up a different user-specified logo and logo description:


And as you might expect, there are various usability improvements. Plus some bug fixes, of course!