Thursday, May 25, 2006

NotesTracker Guide Version 4.4 update (25 May 2006)

For all NotesTracker users and evaluators ...

An updated edition of the NotesTracker Guide for Version 4.4 is now available for download. Get it from either of:
There are some better explanations in paragraphs here and there, but the biggest improvement is in the Developer Topics section. The steps for implementing NotesTracker design modifications in a target database have been concisely listed in a table near the start of the section. Also, the changes needed for the tracking of View Opens have been moved up so that they now form part of the list of steps.

The intent is to lay out a clearer picture of the total NotesTracker design change process. Your comments, impressions and any suggestions for improvement would be most welcome.

Note: please watch out for a maintenance release of NotesTracker -- Version 4.43 -- to be made available in the coming week or so. Apart from some minor cosmetic changes, V4.43 fixes a bug in the tracking of Domino database field changes made via a Web browser.

After that, focus will be on completing Version 5.0 of NotesTracker.