Sunday, October 03, 2010

NotesTracker Guide Version 5.2 now available from Scribd

Read all about NotesTracker Version 5.2 in the guide now also available from social publishing and reading site Scribd.

Get the guide (a PDF document) from

Monday, August 02, 2010

SDMS Version 4.5.10 for Lotus Notes released (03 August 2010)

The very popular free Lotus Notes application SDMS (a Simple Document Management System) was released today (3rd August 2010).

SDMS has been upgraded to incorporate NotesTracker Version 5.2 which itself was released only yesterday.

image There’s also a fix for the Category and Sub-Category fields (the drop-down list was being blanked in edit mode).

It was one of those simple bugs that was “staring me in the face” and for some unknown reason I only just twigged to it a few days ago. … Duh!

Go get your free copy of SDMS Version 4.5.10 either here (Dallas server) or here (Sydney server), and ENJOY.

NotesTracker Version 5.2 released (02 August 2010)

I’m extremely happy to announce that version 5.2 of NotesTracker is now available for download, as is the updated NotesTracker Guide which fully describes NotesTracker: its features, why and how you would use NotesTracker, together with planning and technical guidance for managers, administrators and developers.

You can download the evaluation or licensed (purchased) editions of NotesTracker v5.2 from either of two sites:

The NotesTracker Guide is downloadable from the same web page:

The overview section of the guide has been  rewritten to better present the rationale behind the development of NotesTracker, and to describe some ways you might use NotesTracker for such things as database content tracking, compliance and privacy auditing, live feeds within the Lotus Notes desktop client (analogous to Web browser RSS feeds), and more.

A section was added describing the new function of tracking changes to attachments, which enables you to get a handle of the names and sizes of attachments in a document in NotesTracker’s usual “before” and “after” fashion. For example:


This example shows that one attachment was removed (circled in red) from the Notes document, and one was attached (circled in green).

Amongst many additions to the NotesTracker Guide is a description of a really great way to visualize the NotesTracker Repository usage log views, courtesy of (which is is devoted to enabling groups of individuals all over the world to collaborate on IBM Lotus Notes and Domino applications and release them as open source).

In this case I’m talking about Notes Reconn which enables you to create reports and Charts from any Lotus Notes database (via an interface to Microsoft Excel). For example, a NotesTracker usage log view like this:


can be quickly charted like this:


or like this:


The chart legend for the chart displays the single-letter NotesTracker “Action Type” values, which are:


Why not find out a lot more about NotesTracker by reading the NotesTracker Guide and requesting an evaluation.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I’m an old Old Spice man! ... And Oh Yes: NotesTracker version 5.2 is imminent

One of the few things I have in common with Old Spice man is that I happen to use Old Spice deodorant. But I don’t have a horse or a yacht.

As an old codger I can attest that my Old Spice stick does keep that “old man’s smell” at bay! It keeps me fresh -- and even perhaps pleasant to be near -- as I struggle and sweat to keep abreast with what’s happening in the IT world, while trying to maintain a mastery over a tiny little portion of it, in this my 41st year in the game.

This includes further refining and tweaking NotesTracker (see links at right) including combing through the NotesTracker Guide and making changes here and there with a view to improving NotesTracker’s ease of use even further.

Also, I’ve finished functional and regression testing of the next release, and am happy to tell you that NotesTracker Version 5.2 is now ready for final packaging and imminent release (in just a matter of days, I expect).

The major new function in NotesTracker v5.2 is the option to log the names (and sizes) of document attachments as they are changed. The attachments themselves are not logged, since this would add vastly to the log repository disk space usage.

I’ve also tested and highly recommend the excellent Notes Reconn freeware (from -- and have expanded the final section of the NotesTracker Guide, describing how simple it is to use Notes Reconn to produce very nice-looking and informative charts.

These give you even more ways to comprehend and visualize the usage of your Notes applications. Here’s an example:

NotesTracker 3D cylinder chart -- Actions by Username

The single-character legends on the right correspond with the NotesTracker action types, which are: C = Create a document, D = Delete a document, F = Failed document deletion attempt, G = Generic NotesTracker action (these can be any activities that you designate, such as pressing the Send button), P = Paste a document, R = Read a document, U = Update a document, X = Create a document via a Web browser, W = Web Read, Y = Web Update. (There are other loggable application actions that don’t appear in this example: V = a View is opened, O = Opening of a database, E = a document deletion attempt was indeterminate, and M = Mail-in of a document.)

Watch this space for the NotesTracker v5.2 software release announcement.

Meanwhile, you can download the NotesTracker Version 5.2 Guide from here or here.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

NotesTracker Version 5.1 Guide – minor update available

The NotesTracker Guide has been updated with a change related to the “Open In New Window” capability being re-implemented in Notes 8.5.1 at last!

This capability is recommended for opening windows on the side (outside the main Notes window),  for keeping a watch on NotesTracker-generated “breaking news” auto-refresh style views. Such Notes views are quite similar to RSS in functionality,  but with regular Notes data (from one or more Notes databases) and viewed via the Notes Client rather than a web browser.

The opportunity was taken also to make a few minor layout changes that should improve its readability. And a correction to the heading level of the Administrator Topics section ensures that this section now appears correctly in the overall table of contents and the PDF bookmarks column.

You can download the NotesTracker Guide PDF file from either or and also from